Check-list of goals

*I’m quite mindful on the ingredients. I avoid products with long list of ingredients.*

Current condition:

  • HAIR: Dry / frizzy / easy to get tangled / easy to break / split ends!
  • SKIN: acidic. normal (not oily, not dry), I also have keratosis pillaris
  • HEALTH / LIFESTYLE: Eat a lot of processed, manufactured, high preseravtives, basically unhealthy food. I also eat a lot sweets (chocolate)
  • MOOD: I get easily tired, more short tempered than usual, low in energy


A. Hair

  • Healthy, thick, silk, smooth
  • Manageable
  • Check for split ends / hair breakage

B. Skin

  • Healthy, clear, well-moisturised/ hydrated
  • Skin care routine

C. Body

D. Health / Lifestyle

  • Healthy figure
  • Puffy dark circles
  • Healthy lifestyle (compare current vs. healthy. Experiences, observation)

C. Self-assessment

  • Mood
  • Attitude

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