Semi-hacks for a better hair condition

[To be updated, for I am still in the process of researching]

  1. Determine your hair porosity. 


Hair porosity has three categories: low, medium, and high. Determining your hair porosity is a simple process! Just take a strand of your hair, put it on a container that is filled with water, and wait for at least 2 minutes. Low porosity, If it stays at the top of water, medium if it sinks till at the middle, and high, if it sinks to the bottom.

Knowing your hair porosity will give you a direction on which products and routine works best, and which avoid. Since every hair reacts on products differently.

2. Good water or shower filter (if you have hard water).

*still researching* But filtered water will benefit your hair and your skin

3. Clarify your hair!

Hair products can build up on your hair, and when it does, it may become a ‘barrier’ for you moisturizing routine to penetrate the hair shaft.

4. Maintain healthy scalp!

5. Healty diet!



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